Have you ever challenged yourself to blog every day for 30 days straight? Well we’re up to the challenge!

Henna Sooq specializes in natural henna hair color, and henna body art (temporary tattoos) services. It has been 10 amazing years (2005-2015).
You have all been with us through the start, the new babies, new products, ups and downs, moving from place to place, and you have always had our back. Thank you.

We’d really love to hear your thoughts, and feedback on what blogs and subjects we can focus on. Maybe even some videos!

We have some ideas:

  • More YouTube videos and tutorials (plans to revamp our YouTube Channel are in the works)
  • Henna and Ayurvedic Recipes
  • Henna temporary tattoos videos and blogs
  • Henna 101
  • Henna hair application
  • Covering grey hair
  • People on instagram who use henna (photos, results, recipes)
  • Healing scalp conditions
  • Step by step tutorials on each product
  • Locking in moisture when henna dries your hair out
  • A monthly (plan) henna and ayurvedic herbal hair regimen categorized by hair type
  • Lastest trends, and styles in natural hair
  • Cooking with Khadija posts, including her yummy recipes
  • Q&A blogs with Khadija
  • Large family ins and outs
  • Business women juggling family life, and work
  • Meal preparation the healthy, easy method

But we could definitely use more! Please comment below and let us know what you’d love to hear.