Now let’s be completely honest, let’s talk real and tell us: Is using chemicals on your hair to color it still mean you maintain a natural hair regimen? Are you still truly a Naturalista?

Here’s what some Henna Sooq fan’s and readers said:

  • Tira B.: “I wouldn’t think you would still be a naturalist if your using chemicals to color your hair but can you completely avoid using them?”
  • Tira B.:“Its the convenience of using chemicals to color hair. Its already premixed and labeled with the color of your choice. should there be different categories of being natural or should it just be your individual preferences; whatever that works for you. The journey for me in becoming natural has been about learning what works for me/reading labels and trying to avoid chemicals that may be harmful to me and my daughter.”
  • Bri Woods: “Yeah. I’ve always had real hair. I think most see natural as not having a relaxer. As in natural texture. But women can be natural under weaves and wigs. Natural even if they change their hair color. Does getting a keratin treatment make you not natural? I’m lost.”
  • She Natural: “IMO using a chemical to color is okay. In most cases color doesn’t alter your curl pattern at all. I would just rather use henna because it’s natural and doesn’t wreck the hair.”
  • Kissa P.: “I consider the use of chemicals to permanently alter the structure of my hair to be non-natural. Particularly with the harmful nature that the majority of the chemicals in relaxers have. Lye, sodium hydroxide… we used that stuff in chemistry class in college and I shiver to think that I ever put that on my hair. I don’t want to sit here and tell someone that if they lighten their hair with a chemical that they are no longer natural. I don’t believe that is the case and it starts me down that slippery slope to being a Natural Hair Nazi (shiver). LOL
    Do I think that chemical dyes are harmful? Yes, absolutely. But I can’t tell someone what to do with their hair because, well it’s theirs. 😉 There are many personal choices that I’ve made with my hair and I don’t begrudge anyone else making whatever choices they may with their bodies or their hair for that matter. I just hope to educate people on what I know and they can make up their own minds from there. (Shrug)”
  • Alexis M.: “I have gone back and forth about coloring my hair I chose not to go with chemical color I just dont want chance it for those who do im not knocking them I use henna once a month I love it and will continue to use it.”
  • Tanya K.:“I really appreciate the tone of this thread. Personally I use about 95% organic products on mine and my children’s skin and hair. I believe natural products and food are the best and most healthy way to go. That being said I still decided to have a portion of my hair professionally colored to a color I probably would never achieve with Henna. I got a little more color coverage than I asked for but I like the color. I was immediately afraid that my hair would be damaged came home and did a amla and shea dc. Lol. I love color and am glad that my choice didn’t get me kicked out of the naturalista club. LoL”
Does being a Naturalista mean you don’t alter your curl pattern? Does it mean no chemicals whatsoever? Does using henna make you more of a Naturalista then someone who uses chemical hair color?
Let us know. Real Talk!