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Protective Styling With Sweet Mimosa Butter


Our newest handmade product Sweet Mimosa Butter is super yummy for your hair!
It’s 100% vegan, and made with rich moisturizing butters, and waxes that will give your hair hold.

Mariyah’s hair is type 3, and most of the time we use Organic Argan Oil on her hair. I like argan oil because it detangles her hair really easily, it moisturizes perfectly, it’s full of nutrients, tames frizzies, and doesn’t look look greasy in her hair (it absorbs well).

During the detangling, and argan oil process. Still needs to be detangled further.

Once we’re done detangling it, and brushing it out, I use a bit of Sweet Mimosa Butter, and run that through her hair after I melt it in my hands. I then brush it through again, and make sure all the Sweet Mimosa Butter is thoroughly throughout her hair evenly. Then I sectioned her hair to in order to do her protective style.

View: Protective Style with Sweet Mimosa Butter


What makes Sweet Mimosa Butter amazing? It’s 100% vegan with all natural butters, waxes and essential oils. The sweet comes from sweet orange oil with a hint of peppermint. The mimosa is the mimosa exotic floral wax, that is rich in natural moisturizing phospholipids. The butter comes from the unrefined shea butter with it’s amazing healing properties for both hair, and skin.

You will love our Sweet Mimosa Butter. It’s our own formulation created by hand with love. Get yours today! Shop Here

Mariyah after her protective style was complete. 

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  1. Her hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Tara!

  3. When you use the argan oil on her hair, do you use it as a moisturizer or as sealant? Can the Sweet mimosa butter be used as a moisturizer and/or be used to slick down my edges?

  4. Thanks for your post jmason. I use the argan oil as a moisturizer and I’m using the Sweet Mimosa as a sealant. I moisturize and then seal it in. Sweet mimosa does moisturize but this is too heavy to use as the moisturizer for our daughter’s hair (Mariyah in the video), and argan oil detangles it. Yes absolutely it’s perfect to slick down edges and style too.

  5. What kind of brush do you use to brush the oil through? I’ve never tried brushing oil through wet hair, but then again I don’t brush my hair wet at all, since I worry about losing curl definition… I barely touch it after I wash it. And Ive read a lot at the hair forums about sticking to “BBB’s” or Boar Bristle Brushes… and in general not to use regular brushes on curly hair. I have seen “Denman” brushes mentioned, but I don’t know what they are or what benefit they have. What are your thoughts on brushes & curls? Thanks!

  6. Morning Taula! The brush I really like to use is called Jean Pierre, but they’re very hard to get. I only get mine in Montreal, if I can find it. This web page has a bunch of great brushes on it and the Jean Pierre is there. See here :
    We use a lot of boar bristle brushes. What about a comb then? Do you comb your hair? Did you get to see our video on brushing with these brushes and putting hair oil in? It’s with our daughter who has type 3 hair (curls)


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