Indigo is a natural Ayurvedic plant-based dye (vegan) that is used with henna to color hair reddish brown, brown, dark brown and up to black tones.  It lasts 4-6 weeks and will cover greys.

In this easy step by step video tutorial, I make the process of using indigo easy. Mixing indigo correctly is very important to the henna coloring process. When indigo isn’t mixed properly, your henna coloring treatment usually won’t give you those rich coloring results.

Common Mistakes

  • Indigo is mixed with a cold liquid. Indigo must be mixed with a warm to hot liquid.
  • Indigo is mixed with liquids other then water. Do not use other liquids when mixing indigo.
  • Indigo is mixed with a heavy liquid such as yogurt, conditioner etc…Indigo does not work at all when mixed with heavy liquids such as these.
  • Indigo is mixed directly with the henna powder. Mixing henna powder and indigo powder together at the same time won’t work since both need separate times for dye release.
  • Indigo paste sits out for too long. Dye release for indigo is only 20-30 minutes max.
  • Indigo is used alone. If indigo doesn’t have henna in it’s process either as a previous and recent hair application or directly mixed with henna paste then the outcome is a green hue on the hair.
  • No patch test was done. Please always verify that you aren’t allergic to henna, indigo or ayurvedic herbs before using them. Do a small skin patch test to be sure.