Men! Henna isn’t just for girls. You’ll find no discrimination here. Use henna to stay looking young and sexy. Color your beard with henna (and get a menna aka henna body art for men).

Henna and indigo colored Jamal’s beard perfectly. I used a blended recipe of 50% of each henna and indigo.

We wrapped his beard with a bandana which ensures all of the henna stays on and won’t drip. We then left the henna mixture on his beard for 3-4 hours.

Other then coloring the hair, henna really strengthens, thickens and adds a lot of shine to the hair. This will also last at least 3-4 weeks. The time it lasts is a bit shorter because I’ve found that since the hair is short that the new growth is more noticeable quicker. You can also do touch ups as needed. Should dryness be an issue for your hair do make sure to add our organic aloe vera powder to your recipe.

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