This is the time that you, as a professional henna artist needs to prepare for upcoming bridal clients for this season. Why do I personally recommend this time? Because this is usually the slower months of the year, and this time is perfect for you to get ready, and tweak your business to attract as many clients as you’d like to have this year.

During this time brides are starting to book all of their services as well for their wedding, if they haven’t done so already.

Please take note of these tips, and areas you might be able to improve upon:

  • Offer a free bridal consultation. This should last around 30 minutes. She may come by herself, or with her fiance, or family member(s). Both of you should go over the bridal contract that you have prepared that will contain all the information you’ll need for this booking. You will also agree to prices. She should receive a free henna sample design so that she can see what the color will come out like, and see how you work.
  • Use high quality, handmade, and fresh henna paste for best results.
  • Have knowledge of various cultural, and traditional backgrounds. This will help you make the bride, and her family feel more comfortable, and trusting in you since they know you understand about some of their practices during their wedding.
  • Be on time. This is a MUST!
  • Do not gossip, and talk badly about other people. No one really likes to hear someone talking badly about others, or gossips all the time during the bridal work, and party.
  • Make sure you have water. You can even put this in your contract. You’ll need to keep hydrated so that you can work well. Don’t ask to eat. Please wait to be offered food. The majority of bridal and wedding events will always offer you food. It’s polite to be patient. If you know you’ll be working long hours, bring some snacks.
  • Do proper aftercare. Spray lemon-sugar at least 2-3 times, and then once dry wrap with hypafix, or Mefix tape for best results.
  • Be sure to send the bride an email thanking her for booking with you. You can also ask her to send you professional photos, should they have taken some of the henna (mehndi).
  • Have fun! You represent your business, so be as professional, and kind as possible. This will ensure future clients, and referrals. Every bit counts!

We wish you an amazing bridal henna season! Please watch our YouTube video on: Preparing for Bridal Clients.

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