One of our clients, Sharron has a very good beauty blog called Beautiful, Naturally…Inside and Out. She herself is absolutely beautiful, both outside and inside. On our first meeting even the UPS delivery guy struck up a conversation about her, and how I knew her. This conversation led him to asking me what I did, since Sharron had come by to get herself some products. He said she is absolutely beautiful. It was so cute.

Recently she emailed me to let me know she has been trying our Organic Camellia Oil on her eyelashes. Her experiment and goal was to achieve long, thick, luscious, curled eyelashes.

Her method is: She would apply camellia oil along the roots of her eyelashes at night, and sleep with it overnight.

She began this regimen about a month ago, and within 2 weeks she noticed an incredible difference in her lashes. She also noted that they seemed stronger with increased elasticity. She researched more on Camellia oil, and saw that Camellia is one of the main ingredient in many eyelash growth solutions. I also recommend that you do a google search on eyelash growth and camellia as your keywords, and you’ll find a wealth of information. Please read more on her blog here.

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