We bring henna to a whole new level. We use henna this amazing medicinal plant to naturally color hair, adorn the body with designs, and assisting cancer patients. This plant brings people together from all backgrounds, race, creeds and religion. Our product line is 100% natural and we focus on carrying as many organic herbs as possible.

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How do we give back to the community? We give back to the community by offering henna to cancer patients either for HFS issues which cool the affected skin naturally which offers relief to the patient. We also use henna to adorn cancer clients scalp after hair loss.

How this grant would help us? We would utilize the funds to invest in a independent larger space where we could work on production and distribution. This investment would also buy equipment, and packaging materials needed to be on the shelf of retail locations. In order for us to promote and educate a natural way of caring and coloring your hair this grant would help us achieve that and stop the use of chemicals in the hair which harm both your hair and body.

What makes our company unique? The freehand henna body art designs are the most unique, and creative body adornments that makes us set apart from other companies, and that we take henna to create handmade art such as picture frames, glass, silk, and on wood. Clients are instantly attracted to our company by the henna art work, and this service grabs the attention of our clients where we have more opportunities to educate them on how to use this same plant to color their hair naturally and cover grey. The fusion of art, hair care, and beautification allows us to offer both a service, and a consumable product.

How would we overcome challenges? Challenges in our plan would be find the right local location where we can begin distribution and producing our products, and we’d overcome that by taking our time to find the exact right location that would suit us and our clients. There wouldn’t really be any challenges that I feel we couldn’t overcome. Our business has been so successful and continually growing, that there is no challenge that can’t be overcome.

Why vote for Henna Sooq? Henna Sooq is a company that is well loved, and family owned. We love what we do and that’s what ultimately makes us the most successful. People know a good company when they know who they people are that run the company. We share and give back to every single client and make them feel like family. We offer our generosity, and they give back to us. Our clients are the ones that are there for us, throughout the both of children, moving from state to state, to Canada and back. We’ve always had clients there with us throughout our journey.

We’re a large family with 2 parents, and 6 young children, aged 13 and under. We hope to have them involved with Henna Sooq and leave this business to them because in this day and age with jobs we want to be able to secure a place for our children and secure their future with employment.

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