This past weekend was absolutely amazing; bringing together women from all walks of life, backgrounds and perspectives.
The phenomenal Goddess Glo Up event (which by the way is coming to DC in February) and the professionals Natural Hair Industry Convention were events all of you would have loved.

It began with all white.

Honestly all white?! Man. Talk about going out of my comfort zone. It’s not that I don’t love other colors (yes I love black!). I know many of you have seen me rocking some beautiful colors. It’s just that my black hijab is so comfy and I don’t have variations in colors in that style. Yes, I’m going to get more made but until then I had to figure things out.

There were definitely little whispers in my ear challenging me to attend. I was nervous to be putting myself in a situation where I told myself I wouldn’t have expectations but I’m not going to lie to myself, I had ideas floating in my mind, whispering to me and my own insecurities.

I told those whisperings that today is going to be my day with my sisters, in all their glory and beauty. To be surrounded by so much radiant energy and positive vibes. To embrace an experience that could potential be life changing. To connect with like minded people. This is what I needed. Perhaps not only what I needed but it was meant for me to cross paths with someone there and be there for them in some way or another. I believe every encounter is not by chance but by destiny.

At the Goddess Glo Up event I learned so many things:

  • All white was necessary because it was a platform to bring us together, almost like a uniform that had us all on the same level. No judgements. It was pure, beautiful, and a calming color. I didn’t understand this until I experienced it. Also when you get 500+ likes on Instagram that speaks for itself.
  • That there is so much healing needed in our community.
  • There is such a lack of sisterhood. We need to refocus and come back together in love.
  • There are so many women going through traumatic experiences that we just don’t even realize. It really blew me away and it was very difficult not to cry, at just how many of our sisters have been raped or sexually molested. Next time you want to throw back some negativity onto another person, try to stop for that a moment to think about what might be going on in their world rather then make this about you.
  • That you have to experience different experiences in life. See the world. Be open to different and unique things. Take chances and open your eyes to others. Remember this isn’t about you. God didn’t say he made a life story about you. He created this whole world and everyone in it.
  • That this event really drew in my heart. I can’t even exactly explain it but it really renewed me. I found that there is so much more I want to do and to give.

Beautiful Hadiiya. Thank you to Reign Global for our beautiful crowns.

I want to thank everyone. I mean truly it was everyone that made this event become such an amazing experience. A shout out to Chef Ahki for her delicious vegan lunch she provided us with. I absolutely loved it!

It was so amazing getting to see my sister Sole. I really missed being in her space (I had a picture but I unfortunately lost some pictures during a new iPhone transfer yesterday. I think I messed up my backup).

I learned self love, happiness and to love this weekend. Dear sisters, remember our sisterhood. We need to come together more. We need to figure all this worldly life crap out (excuse my French) and we can’t honestly can’t do it alone.

I hope that I’ll see you at the DC Goddess Glo Up event. Sending love, peace and blessings to all of you. xo