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Testing Your Henna Paste For Dye Release


We’ve got an awesome tip on how to check if you henna paste is ready for use. It is fool proof, and ensures the best henna results!!

  • Once your henna paste is nearing the ending of its dye release time (which can range fromĀ 1 to 24 hours, depending on which henna powder you are using), take a little bit of the henna paste and place it onto your palm. The time also varies depending if you are making a henna for hair recipe, or a henna body art recipe. See more here for dye release times. (scroll down)
  • Allow the paste to sit on your palm for 1 minute.
  • Then wash it off.
  • If the stain left by the henna paste is bright pumpkin orange, then you know your henna paste is perfectly ready to use!
  • TIPS: Once your paste is ready, you must use it or put it away in the freezer. Too many times have I had people emailing us to tell us something went wrong with their paste, and come to find out they didn’t do the fool proof test nor did they put it into the freezer after it was done. YOU MUST PUT your fresh henna paste into the freezer after it is ready. This preserves the dye, and therefore you can use it again at a later time. Fresh henna paste lasts for 6 months in the freezer. Please use proper freezer bags to store your cones or henna paste.
  1. Hi, so i read your article on how to preserve the henna paste. And I just wanted to check, so you put the paste into the freezer for later use but what happens when I want to use it again? Do I take it back out of the freezer and wait for it to melt? Then use it?

  2. Thank you Naomi. When you have frozen henna paste, you’ll take it out and let it thaw. I recommend you either keep it in bottles, or cones, or carrot bags and let it sit out at room temp. and then you can use it.

  3. Could I ask about Light Mountain Color the Gray . Just used Medium Brown for the first time, using the henna for 10 minutes and rinsed off, and then the indigo for 30 minutes. My hair colour is a good brown mostly, but has a green tinge at the roots. What did I do wrong ,and what can I do to correct it? Would another application of the henna only help?
    I did do strand tests, by the way- but wonder if the longer time it takes to apply to your whole head of hair affected the timing.
    Thank you in advance

  4. Thank you for your post Steph. Unfortunately we have our own product line so I may not be the best person to ask about another brand especially since I’ve never used it personally. it sounds like the henna part didn’t take well as indigo can make your hair green without good henna coverage. Using fresh henna and herbs which we have at Henna Sooq also makes a big difference with results as the color catches better when the henna is fresh and strong in dye content.

    I’d recommend another application and leave the henna on for the same amount of time as the indigo. No overall if you do your whole head it’ll be fine. Start at the front and work towards the back.


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