Did you know that some time over a year or so ago I wanted to quit and be done with Henna Sooq? I was stuck in a place where I didn’t know where to turn to or what to do. I had lost myself. I had completely given up on myself and this company.

I felt so depressed and didn’t like what I was doing anymore. Something and someone was eating at my very being. I wondered how could I even move past this?

Henna Sooq is a huge part of who I am and a reflection of myself, my dreams and passion. At the same time it’s a business. Just a company. Henna Sooq isn’t a human being. There should be clear lines separating business and personal life. Part of my own problem I realized was that since I didn’t clearly draw that line that others would easily step over it. I had to decide if I wanted to quit or if I wanted to reclaim who I was and take back Henna Sooq. I decide to stay and reclaim it.

To Love Yourself

I had to learn to be me. I had to stop being like everyone else. I realized I was and am talented just the way I am.  I started to focus on my own talents and maximize on them. I want to thank Instagram and the community for being a huge part of the rekindling of my henna passion. I found a piece of me that had been lost. A wandering soul trying to find it’s place and purpose. No one can ever take anything from you that is already destined for you. Love yourself and you’ll find out how awesome you are.

Kick Negativity Out

Remove all negative energy and people from your life. Accept to accept only positive vibes and love. It can be tough and you’ll have bad days but it’s possible. With the passing on and removal of negative people I was given some sage by the Subira and I burned it. I renewed my space and I also blasted the music that I loved so much. While I worked, I danced. I was really happy and relieved. I almost couldn’t believe the relief and if this was all real. The struggle was that deep. But through every struggle I also realized that without that I wouldn’t be an even better person today. It was both the worst thing to have ever happened and yet the best ever.

Renew Your Intentions

Your deeds will be judged on your intentions. Recently we worked on a brand new design for Henna Sooq and it became a much more visually pleasing website and it was where I decided to go back to basics. To go back to the roots of Henna Sooq and why we started and who we are. It was a project of pure love. I thank Jen for being with us throughout all these years and through many of our pregnancies together. Even though she’s on the other coast, I know I couldn’t have done any of this without her. In your journey go back to your intentions and constantly ask yourself again why you are doing what you do. Intentions can change and evolve with time. Make sure they are in check.

People Will Dislike You

Yes it’s true there will be plenty of people who won’t like you. Most you can’t do anything about. Some will be through miscommunications. You can learn from those situations and become better at how you speak and work with others. Every bad situation there is something good that will come out of it. There will be people also that think you owe them something. Draw those lines but yet create balance in your relationship with others. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty because of the way you choose to live your life. Some people are just taken out of your lives for a good reason that you may not even see nor understand at the time.

True Supporters


Know who your true supporters are. The ones that like what you’re doing and are always blasting out positive messages. Don’t overlook or take them for granted. Sometimes they are found in both the most obvious place and others will surprise you. I want to thank my husband Jamal and the kids for being with me throughout all of the years of Henna Sooq and for dragging me out of bed when I couldn’t raise myself up. Thank you for wiping my tears and being there for us. I thank Jamyla of Oyin Handmade for listening to me over the phone while I cried my heart out.


To my Crazy 88 peeps and team you made me realize that my supporters are there when I didn’t even realize it. To Robin of Polished Image and Style she really helped me discover who I was by working her magic.


As a stylist Robin found the perfect wardrobe, colors and style that made me stand out and shine. Plus what girl doesn’t like to shopping! (Go Ravens!). There are so many of you that have been there and I do thank you.

Dreams Do Come True

Yes your dream will come true and you don’t need to rush it. Make sure you lay all your plans out and stick to them. It’ll all come when it’s meant to be. After 10 years of being in business we finally have our own MBDY Movement Arts Academy and Studio where along with our partners I am able to see my henna clients and sell Henna Sooq products at.

You’ll Make Connections

There are so many connections to be made and you’ll be surprised at how small the world can be. We’re all connected. I’ve met some of the most beautiful and genuine people in the blogger and vlogger world. Most recently I had the blessing to meet Tonya (aka Sole) who is such a wonderful person. It’s amazing at how appreciated you’ll feel when someone loves the henna you’ve done for them.


Henna has taught me so many things about the world and people. I have been able to give and receive throughout this Henna Journey. I treasure every moment of it these days. My dad would be so proud. Sometimes I wish I could pick up the phone and tell him all about the cool things I’ve been up to.

Thank you for all of your continued support and love. I hope to be here with you for many more years to come. Tag #HennaJourney to keep the henna love going. Be your own queen!