Good day everyone!

We want to give you all an update as to the delays on our pre-order sale at Henna Sooq that we had in the month of April. We have experienced additional customs examinations which has caused delivery delays. We do expect your order to be shipping very soon. Please expect your tracking to be sent to by end of this week to early Friday. We have well over 300+ orders and thank you all for that! It’ll just take additional days to process and manpower on our end to get your order sent out as quickly as possible.

I know you’ve been anticipating the arrival of those out of stock products and we are as well. I don’t even have my Red Raj to make more henna body art paste and this is the only henna powder I love to use in my hair.

I personally want to thank all of you for your patience and I know it’s been a waiting game but we promise we’re working hard to make sure you get your orders asap. Thank you again!