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It’s Time To Moisturize!


Did you know how important it is to moisturize your hair after using henna, and ayurvedic hair care treatments? It’s essential and especially so if your hair is on the dry side. This can be a love it or hate it factor when it comes to henna and ayurvedic hair treatments. It’s so important to make sure you use your ayurvedic herbs in the right recipe and regimen for your hair type. There has been many times when clients have not enjoyed their henna and ayurvedic herbal experience due to hair breakage, dryness, and stiff hair. No one wants that, and we sure don’t want you to have to go through that experience.

For all hair types there is a hair oil that’s right for you. Hair oils aren’t all created equally. The right hair oil will not make your hair look dirty or greasy. At Henna Sooq, we have pure and organic hair oils for all hair types. We also have an amazing 100% vegan hair pomade called Sweet Mimosa Butter.

Today, and today only, save 15% off all of our Hair Oils and our Sweet Mimosa Butter. 

Using hair oils is very easy, and you’ll just use a dime amount at a time, as needed. Spread the oil in your hands and then rub it through your hair from root down to tip. Then brush through so that it covers your hair properly. Repeat process if more is needed. We recommend you use your hair oil right after washing your hair.

You can also use hair oils as an overnight leave-in treatment and then wash it out in the morning. This is a great method for those who find the oil a bit too heavy to leave in all day, and want to treat damaged, dry hair and to soak brittle ends of the hair.

Our Sweet Mimosa Butter is used after a hair oiling application (but doesn’t have to, it’s also up to you and what works best for your hair, and can be used with using hair oils), and is used by rubbing a small amount in your hands to melt it, and then rub through your hair from roots to tip, and then combed through. This is a perfect butter for protective styles, and to keep down any flyaways.

Our recommendations, and save 15% on:

So head to Henna Sooq and get yourself our thirst-quenching hair oils and butter. You’ll love them, and everyone will be asking you what you use on your gorgeous hair!!

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  1. Hello:)
    I have a question!
    I have used some oils on my hair (coconut, EVOO, sunflower, avocado, argan, jojoba, almond, castor) and they never seem to do anything but make my hair worse:(
    My hair is either an oil slick (after putting it on damp, wet, or dry hair and distributing) or so dry because I’ve had to shampoo it multiple times to get it all out.
    So, should I stop oiling or continue to look until I find the perfect one?
    And can over oiling make your hair dry?
    Also, I received my order yesterday and I LOVE the cocoveda shampoo bar! Thank you for making an awesome product! 😀

  2. Hi Lindsy! Thanks for your post on our blog.
    Have you used a light oil on it’s own? Like just Organic Golden Jojoba or just Organic Camellia? Some of the oils you mentioned are a bit heavy.
    It might be possible you might to not use a hair oil. Have you ever tried Organic Camellia?
    I’m so glad you like our Cocoveda shampoo bar! What about oil treatments overnight and just wash it out in the morning? OR just the shampoo bars might be enough added moisture for your hair. I’d say give the camellia a shot as we have samples to if you’d like to try it.

  3. Thank you for your suggestion!
    I will be trying that soon!

  4. Cindy Shepard says:

    I’m having the same problem, Khadija. I would like to use oiling as my after cleansing moisturizer, but II can’t seem to get the amount right. It either comes out still dry looking (and feeling) or way to oily.
    When it’s still too dry, I try to put small amounts on at a time (like, one drop), but I always seem to tip the scales the other way and suddenly it’s too much!
    Trying to judge the right amount on damp hair is even harder.
    I’ve tried coconut oil, a coconut/olive mix, amla, camelia and argon oils. I do like the camelia, it feels nice and light, but how on earth do you get that perfect amount in? Perhaps I should give up on oils and use something else? Since so many Indian herb treatments are drying (hendigo, amla, shikakai) it seems like re-moisturizing is a crucial step and I’m just not getting it!
    Thanks for your help,

  5. Hello Cindy, thanks for posting.

    What is your hair type and what are your hair strands like? Thick or fine?

  6. Cindy Shepard says:

    I am 1b (slight wave), f/m (fine but not babyfine), ii (ponytail = 2 1/4″), BSL hair.

  7. You may just need a more creamy conditioner and not an oil for your hair Cindy. Have you ever tried other brands of creamy light leave in conditioners?

  8. CIndy, if you do use our Organic Camellia just use a very small dime amount at a time, and then rub it through from the top through after you spread it in your palms, and then brush it through all the way to ends. This might spread it more evenly and better for you. Have you tried our Organic Golden Jojoba as yet:

  9. Cindy Shepard says:

    Khadija, I would like to stay away from commercial products, which is why I’m experimenting with your herbs and oils. Do you carry some kind of natural creamy coditioner?
    I use way less than a dime size amount of oil and it is still sometimes too much!
    After my first post here, I tried this combo:
    No pre-oiling, then a wash with a paste of Shikakai, amla, and chickpea flour, then a catnip tea soak, and followed by a few drops of camelia oil on damp hair, and a few more after it dried.
    It came out pretty nice :) I guess you just have to keep trying to find good combinations …
    I have not tried the jojoba oil. Next time I place an order, I’ll get a sample. How does it compare to camelia oil?
    Thanks so much for all your advice!

  10. Hi CIndy, by commercial do you mean too not handmade products? or those that don’t contain preservatives? Because there are some handmade products out there that we also know of and are friend’s with some of these same businesses, but there are always preservatives as water and oil mixed together can cause bacteria.

    SO that’s okay if you prefer to use our other recommendations :)
    We don’t have a creamy conditioner at this time but our shampoo bars are super fatted and very moisturizing. Have you tried any of those as yet?
    That sounds really nice!!! How exciting :) Did you take pictures of your herbs/recipe or process? So neat! I really like that recipe.

    Golden Jojoba is close to how Camellia is. Just slightly different on different hair types. So a sample would be great to see how it does on your hair. Anytime, it’s been my pleasure!

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