Here are some simple recipes for mixing your natural hair products. Please visit and as you will find a wealth of information, along with techniques and various recipes. You can even ask questions on their forum!
Please remember when using any new hair product it is always recommended that you do hair strand tests first!
We also encourage you to add orange blossom water, rose water or essential oils to your pastes and mud, to leave your hair smelling great!

Important: Please keep in mind that everyone has their own unique hair texture. Herbal treatments can be drying for some, and it is recommended that you add hair oil to your recipe, or deep condition your hair afterwards. We recommend that everyone keep an open mind when using henna and natural herbs on their hair, and use the recipe that works best for you!

Amla powder, also known as emblica officinalis.

Mixing Amla for healthy hair and skin:

-For best results, add a small amount of amla powder (3-4 tbsp) to your henna powder or cassia recipe. OR

-Mix powder with hot water. Let it cool.

-Apply warm amla paste to your face and on body, and cleanse. You may also let it sit on your face or body for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off.

-For hair, apply amla paste by sections starting from the back and moving forward.

-Wrap your hair and allow to sit for 30 minutes.

-Rinse or wash paste out.

How to store your powder: fridge or cool dark place.

How to store your amla paste: freezer