You’ve chosen the Right Henna Powder for you and your hair and are ready to mix your henna powder into a paste to naturally color your hair and cover greys.

How to choose the right henna powder

Measure out the right amount of henna powder needed for your hair, place the powder into a stainless steel (or glass) bowl.

How much henna and Ayurvedic herbs to use on your hair?


By slowly adding in your liquid of choice, mix your henna paste into a thick mud. Tip: If you’re henna paste gets too runny you can add more powder to thicken it back up.

How Liquids Affect Your Henna Recipe


Once mixed thoroughly allow your henna powder to sit for 3-4 hours (or 1-2 hours if using Moroccan henna) to allow for dye release.

Dye Release: How much time is needed?



Once dye release has been achieved your henna paste is ready to use and be applied to your hair. You can see from the photos how the color of your henna paste will change to show the dye release has been achieved.
Leave the henna paste and all henna coloring treatments in your hair for at least 3-4 hours.