This article is an extension of  Shampoo Bars and Water Hardness.

Here, at Henna Sooq, we have a range of hand crafted, natural Shampoo Bars available, ranging from deep cleansing to very moisturising for all  hair types. Please, do take a peek in our store to check out our shampoo bars. We also offer samples if you’re unsure which bar your hair would prefer.

Shampoo bars are a gentle, yet effective, natural cleansing product for the hair. Liquefying shampoo bars creates an even gentler way to wash, and may be more suited to those living in hard water areas especially if bottled or distilled water is used. The addition of water decreases the pH making it suitable for very damaged fragile hair and for those that would like to try a liquid version.  Now, Shampoo Bars are generally very gentle and easy to use in the first place, especially Henna Sooq bars which are superfatted, making them much more gentle for the hair than ordinary soap and sulfate-based shampoos. Adding the water helps with the transition phase from commercial shampoos to Shampoo Bar.

Equipment needed:
All you need for liquefying is a grater, a mug or bowl, an empty shampoo bottle (or any bottle with a lid), a spoon for sitting, a funnel for pouring shampoo into bottle, and bottled/distilled/tap water heated on the stove to near boiling.

Grate the shampoo bar until you have about a tablespoons worth. Place in a small bowl and gradually add 1/2 cup of hot water, stirring between water additions. Stir until all the soap has dissolved. If there are still a few soap particles left, do not worry as these will quickly dissolve in your hair.

The the liquid is cool enough to the touch, transfer shampoo to a squirt bottle or old shampoo bottle, shake vigorously and squirt/pour the liquid on various spots on the hair. Gently massage, wash well and follow with an acidic rinse (diluted: vinegar, lemon/lime juice, hibiscus tea, citric acid).

Of course, now comes the possibility of adding other ingredients if you desired to do so.  Go a little wild!  Why not brew some hibiscus or chamomile tea and use that instead of water to make your shampoo?  Perhaps add a small amount of rhassoul for a deep clean, or some essential oils or a little glycerin?

Issues with the soap dissolving:
If the soap will not dissolve, add the soap and water to a pot and gently heat on the stove and stir until the soap is fully dissolved.  Adding a little glycerin can also help and is great for those rainy or humid days.

Looking for something a little more….long term?
If something a little long term is preferred and you don’t feel like keeping bags of grated soap in your cupboard,  this tested method from the savvy housekeeper works very well!

Have fun! 🙂