There is a line of products from a company called Hesh that is widely used by a lot of consumers, and we just want to make sure that people are aware of the recent recall, as Hesh products are used across North America.

This recall was made by Health Canada. We can’t say for sure if the recall could or should apply to the USA, because it’s up to the FDA to test it, as Health Canada has done. We believe that the same product is sold across North America, so that everyone, even worldwide, should be aware that this was found, and it’s probably not exclusive to Canada, as this product is not manufactured inside of Canada, but is from India. Many countries import this product, and Hesh products alike. We’d like everyone to make an informed decision based on this recall.

Date: June 22, 2010

Product Name: Hesh Shikakai Powder

Full Product Description

This recall involves Hesh Shikakai powder, sold in a 100g yellow box with the picture of a long and dark-haired woman on the front of the box. The recalled product can be identified the Batch number 836 and the UPC 8901701105105.

Health Canada has previously recalled “Hesh Aritha Powder” due to microbial contamination, and therefore…please read more.

This what the product box looks like:

Please note that Henna Sooq does not sell this product, nor have we ever sold any Hesh products.