Making a full time living as a henna artist is as easy as sticking to these 5 steps. I can guarantee that from my own professional experience you can have a full time business in the henna industry that can support you and your family. I highly recommend that to start if you do plan to work in the henna industry for the next five years, that you come up with a business plan and make sure all of your book keeping is in order from the start. Creatives (and most people in general) definitely don’t want to be scrambling around to find receipts, expenses and invoices at a later time when you could be spending those hours on making your henna business absolutely amazing!

Use High Quality Henna Products

For you stand out from the rest you have to use high quality henna products. Making your own henna paste is especially important. If you are really struggling to make your paste exactly right do watch out YouTube video tutorials here. You can also buy henna paste from a reliable supplier that you can trust such as Henna Sooq. You can explain to your client how harmful additives and chemicals are added to pre-made henna cones (paste) and that you as an artisan does not use those type of products in your business.

Your freshly made henna paste will also be a marketing tool for you. You can explain to potential clients that you use a natural henna paste made with organic and all natural ingredients. You can also offer a henna paste lavender blend for children, pregnant women, seniors and for those with sensitive skin or allergies. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Don’t Under Charge

Don’t be the artist in your community that charges the lowest price around. It may sound great to have a low price that clients would love to take advantage of but it hurts you in the long run. Mind you as you start and gain experience your pricing will change. You deserve a raise! But don’t be under charging so low that clients will expect that from you. Trust me, people do not value cheap. They value high quality and are willing to pay more for top notch service and products.

You can also have a sale. During holidays or special times of the year offer a henna special. Maybe a coupon off a henna party.

Sell Products

Throughout the year you will have periods where your business is slow. The weather might have gotten colder and clients aren’t really into henna body art so much. In those instances you still have to pay your rent and eat. I highly recommend that you sell henna products or henna artwork. I will honestly say that the best henna product that we’ve ever sold that does well all year round is henna for hair products. Beautiful hair and grey coverage does not suddenly stop during the slow times of year. Clients always want their hair looking stylish and beautifully colored.

Henna Sooq offers a very successful wholesale program that will have you making a lot of money year round.

You can also sell your own handmade products. You can make soap, henna balms and henna cones. The products you can create for your client base will have you as their go to for henna services. Another win-win!

Put Yourself Out There

To further get yourself established in your community you can offer your henna services for select events at no cost. Yes your time is valuable but there are definitely some events or companies you can work with that you shouldn’t pass up.

A great opportunity that I’ve had is working with Whole Foods and Athleta where I offered henna services at no costs to their guests. I got my information out there locally at no cost to me. It proved to be a huge success. In these collaborations with these companies I was also able to get a lot of great photos for use on our social media pages. Can I say win again?!

Teach Henna Classes and Workshops

Another great way to get new clients is to teach henna classes and workshops. You can ask your local library or community centers about having you teach a henna body art class. Usually you will also get paid for teaching. You can also take individual clients or find a local henna conference to teach at as well. Teaching is both self-satisfying and the beauty in henna body art is a gift from you to your student. Share what you know. You will always be repaid for sharing with others in this life.

I have found success in the henna industry and you can too. I’m a henna for hair color expert specializing in beautiful henna body art. I combine the world of henna into one to bring to you Henna Sooq. This is the best job I’ve ever had!

“The dollar isn’t what me rich. It was the lives I’ve touched.” – Khadija